We Don't Need Their Approval Festival

The Wise Spot, 2623 West Slauson Avenue, Los Angeles

We will be introducing to some & reintroducing to others a collection of soul filled artists who do not need anyone’s permission to express themselves. These are hand selected talents who have something to say. Come be a part of this movement. WE DON’T NEED THEIR APPROVAL Music Fest. Featured artists: Ryan Lucas DC Rocc Derrell Tate Amber Doss Imagine Manriquez James D. McGee Allyse Gibson JD Bailey Prince of the Ghetto Ima Yng Robb

During this show we will be collecting diapers for the community that the "The Wise Spot" supports. Find out more information here: http://wisdomftf.com/tag/the-wise-spot/

WFTF is a family of community members working to end the struggle felt by the Black family in our communities. We are doing this by creating programs to serve our basic needs while teaching us how to provide for ourselves. We are working to build institutions to educate, employ, and empower us all. We are taking back control over our neighborhoods and making our streets a better place to grow and thrive in. Men bring a pack of size 5 diapers.

Women bring a pack of size 3 diapers.

RSVP asap. Space is limited.