Allyse is a singer and actor from South Florida. With many years of cheer and dance experience, Allyse is a high-energy performer and enjoys connecting with fans live on stage. She is known for her petite stature, animated performance and sassy swag. Her style ranges from flowy R&B, to up-tempo Pop and catchy Hip Hop. Immersing herself into the world of acting, Allyse has training in Meisner technique, commercial acting and scene study. Allyse has also booked web series and commercial roles with many more to come.

In addition to singing and acting, Allyse is also he host of The Ally Show. Allyse thought it was important to share the inspiring stories of other upcoming artists and entrepreneurs. The goal of the show is to motivate and encourage viewers to follow their own dreams. 

Keep an eye on this Boss as she continues to create tantalizing music for the masses, grow businesses and becomes a top force in entertainment.